Worker’s Comp

South Bay’s practice is largely in Worker’s Compensation insurance matters, and has worked with hundreds of insurance carriers and third party administrators in this industry since 1995. Our work with MPN member physicians, their affiliates and applicant attorneys allows us to provide premium attention and care for those individuals injured on the job.

Personal Injury

South Bay also works with personal injury clients through its affiliations with doctors and also attorneys who specialize in representing personal injury victims. Our developed relationships in this area allow us to accept most clients and their treatment matters on a lien basis.

Private Insurance

South Bay accepts private insurance for those clients whose injuries or condition require treatment from basic neurological evaluations, EMG’s and nerve conduction studies to sleep studies and follow up treatment. Most progressive insurance companies have recognized the need for proper testing and treatment for injuries and disorders which affect individuals’ sleep patterns.


South Bay also works with Medi-Care patients who require neurological evaluation and treatment when private insurance is not available.